Here's the current list of VSTi/VSTz planned 2b published here:

LeadEm, Str8Organ, Str8Stringz, eFchoir, eFrem, FluFF, dUa, Organax, Air4th, Str8Jacket, Furlitz, Fadbace, Shumer, SubAce, Fazebace... come check this page again after a while...

PhybAce Pilot: the bass guitar, precisely

Throughoutly modelled bass guitar, complete math for:
- string
- plectron (stiffness, position, picking way - all that stuff)
- body resonances
- two pickups (with positions)
- "slide mode" for legato up

PhybAce is a work in progress. This release, PhybAce Pilot, is a test of the platform, coming with limited set of features/controls, still close enough to the full-scale power of the model. It is intended to collect opinions and suggestions for the further development.

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Fuzziest Organ Evar!

OK, here's what you (desperately-) need... Play heavy distorted riffs, chords and solos. Benefit from Fsynthz distortion unit: no shitty dirt @ totally crunched sounding! Who needs those heavy guitars when heavy organs rule, now and 4Evar?? DL this meanie & happy shredding!

  • wave draw synthesis
  • double oscilloscope
  • ultimate distortion, yep
  • interactive detune (Xtravoice)
  • and surprisingly, very CPU-friendly

    Q: Are these bars same as in Clavdium?
    A: Nope. Here you draw the waveform, while in Clavdium you draw harmonic content. Interestingly, Clavdium is closer to the drawbar organ concept than 4Evar.

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    Clavdium: fast additive!

    Initially designed to produce harpsi/clav sounds, turned out to be rather universal: from weird winds to percussive organs via ringing pads.
  • low CPU consumption for the great sound
  • state-of-the-art distortion
  • rotor, rocking-freq mods and more...

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    The Teen Bundle: the whole load of 15'z

    The controls have TOOLTIPS so you don't get lost!

    A bundle of synths sharing similar sound engine (4-op. sync modulation + unison). This special architecture is intended to sound good for any random set of controls so it makes up a playground for morphing and randomness.
    Another benefit of this scheme is easy-mixing sound.

    Note: the mp3 is the 15E demo, thus represents the 'more acidized' tonegen version only

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