Live creatures

ProgAte: m8 w/ 8!

A MIDI processor/router, to control up to 8 synths off 1 keyboard

  • layers, splits and all that stuff
  • Program Changes remapped
  • easy-type memo, which-is-which
  • browse MIDI programs up and down with one single button, assignable to any MIDI controller.
    Short hit on the button is one program up, long hit (>1 sec) – one down.

    Prognum: one-button browser

    A MIDI processing VSTi, suited for two purposes:

  • indicating current MIDI program IN BIG NUMBERS (both the 1-128 value and grouped by 8)
  • browsing MIDI programs of a subsequent synth up and down with one single button, assignable to any MIDI controller (examples are: sustain pedal #64, portamento switch #65). Short hit on the button is one program up, long hit (>1 sec) – one down.Two synths (two channels) may me managed with one instance of Prognum.The second processing tract features responsibility to the program-changing button on all channels – while sending the resulting MIDI prog.change message to the chosen (destination) channel only.
    So you don’t have to switch your MIDI keyboard to the 2nd MIDI channel to send a prog.change to the 2nd synth (e.g. a groovebox).

    Puncho Grooove : anything’s art!

    Makes a groovy loop of anything you play and updates it on the fly. You may bring up grooves of enormous complexity. Playing to a drum machine is recommended.

  • features the renewed MoarF engine to provide “timbre rambling”, hand morph etc.
  • transpose your loops on the fly (the mp3 demo below shows an example of this mode)
  • quantize your loops on the go (if you tend to be “normal”)
  • use Puncho G. as a midi processor to drive other synthz

    BombuldeR : a gr88ve machine

    Well, sometimes you need just a handy groovebox… This release comes unannounced @ KVRaudio.

    BombuldeR plays: 1) a steady rhythm (two wav’s to load) 2) random notes w/in two bands (SF2 drumbank to load + midi output).
    Basic samples are built-in. Syncs to the host tempo and barstart.

    RepeeteR : midi loops on the fly

    This is a midi processor. In fact, ONE BUTTON CONTROLS IT ALL. Hit the Hold/Sustain (or whatever you set) once, shortly – and voila, the fixed-length fragment of what you play is converted to midi loop, synched to the host tempo. And it starts to play in the background immediately.
    Plus, you may:

  • transpose your loops on the fly (chord recognition included)
  • make punch-in and partial erase w/ still same one button
  • use two additional controls for moar lulz
  • drive two synthz with it (one for loop, one for solo)