Special Items

FreezeBreather : catch a breath…

A formant-vowel synth.
Laughters, breath noises, random syllables sung – as natural parts of vox pads, leads, organs….

Hoar : enter freshness

A stringmachine with bright and sharp sounding, as well good for producing synth-FX’s (courtesy of modulated filtering with randomness and other stuff).

  • extra wide keyboard range (6 octaves as a rife minimum)
  • phrase arpeggiator/gate with hold
  • up to 16x unison per voice

    Sandra : sweep ’em all!

    Being special for low rezo sweeps and drones, delivers also lush polysynth chords in midrange. Ice, whispers, boiling, extruding, sandshifting at your orders.

    MoarF : a KVR DC’09 entry

  • perpetual sound morph
  • chord recognition
  • bassline and arp direct edit
  • midiprocessor option