GetALife : breed a score…

The ‘Life’ game as a midi-stream generator.
Load a *.wav or use the provided midi out.

– Use menu > start/stop to edit/play the pattern.
– The preset does NOT store the grid pattern (only the synth params). Use menu to load/save patterns.
– An event occurs when a living pixel meets the horizontal line. Scan the field with ModWheel.

Froszt : between Sandra and Hoar

A prototype. A development stage. A bit abrasive; several cool sounds in there though.

Wavchick : a plain sample player w/ tuning

Old and ascetic.
Sometime you need to just load a wav file and play it, without messing with a megasupasampler… but, tuning and keytrack are essential.

How to tune:
– turn the RefTone loud enough (depends on your wav)
– play ANY key and tune (octave, semitones, fine)
– turn the RefTone back down… or just forget to do it.

PanZer : fun w/ pan

This is for the sad case when you have a tiny mono wav semple. Load it into PanZer – and see what enveloped panning + gated/frozen verb can do off it

Tuning sample: see section for Wavchick